Love Coaching: 3 reasons to be happy if you’re single.

from On April 19, 2016

Love Coaching: 3 reasons to be happy if you’re single.

Love is one of the emotions that life invites us to experience each day, either by sharing with others, helping or by loving those around us. It is also recognized by all that we are taught, socially, that love is directly linked to a relationship. And we are told that if we do not live this experience, we will never feel what love is and be happy. This belief prevents many people to live life as they tend to follow the social guide lines, imposed unconsciously. We believe that because we are single, we are weird or again, that we have nothing to bring to others, we lack qualities to share. If we are single, people immediately think that we are not happy. It is clear that to love and to feel loved is an experience that brings us great personal fulfillment and beautiful sensations, based on unconditional love. This allows us to gain experience in which we share, we respect and accept. Which is indispensable. But be aware that before that, to manage the relationship, it is important to mature, to find a personal balance in solitude. As you know, we like to give coaching advice to help in certain situations.

So today we will give you 3 reasons to be happy when single.

1. You dispose of more concentration to grow.

Before continuing, we must tell you that we can also enjoy these benefits when you are in a relationship. But we’ll be a little more specific about the emotions that we live when we are “single”. The fact of not having to use multiple energy to understand and address the needs of the other person allows us to better focus on ourselves. We mean that being single allows us to focus on ourselves and our needs. Being single helps to have time for ourselves and enjoy these emotions lived alone to solve the problems that disturb you body and soul. This way, when someone appears, you will have achieve the tasks that, as we mentioned earlier, must be carried out alone, to really grow.

2. You have more time for your dreams.

It is clear to become the best version of ourselves and to enjoy life, we must know what enriches our soul and makes our heart shine. For this, we need time to achieve a true self-discovery and define “where we want to go and what we want to achieve.” Being single gives us the best moments to do what we love, because we have more energy to focus on ourselves. Being in a relationship, sometimes, makes us focus excessively on the needs of the other. We tend not to devote time for ourselves because we are with each other, and we set aside our dreams and goals. Being single should not be seen as something negative because it’s a perfect time to be yourself thoroughly, achieve what you want with confidence, be closer to your ideal. Take advantage of this time to make an action plan and begin to finally touch the stars.

3. This is the best time to discover your strengths and learn to love yourself.

Emotional loneliness invites us to realize who we are and why we are alive, what is our mission and discover our personal potential. But it’s Obvious that, socially, we are many to believe that to feel fulfilled, we must find our “other half”. And that would make us complete in terms of soul and heart. In that situation, think of everything you have around you. And when appears the love of your life, share all of this with love. Use this step to increase your self-esteem and to work on yourself, and bring out your inner beauty. Remember that people living in a relationship are not necessarily happy. We must remember the importance of not relying on others, otherwise, we only attract toxic relationships in which we are not happy. Thank you for reading this Love Coaching article.  Best Regards.



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