Spirituality Coaching: 12 Intentions For A Better Life.

from On January 12, 2016

Spirituality Coaching: 12 Intentions For A Better Life.

In our participation as observers of the quantum world, we are perhaps not only creators, but also influencers. The intention is therefore as important as the action itself. I am proposing today to write on a piece of paper one or more intentions for the day ahead. This can be professional intentions, intentions about your health, your love life or any other thing you want to accomplish. Unlike the notion of purpose that is a projection into the future, the concept of intention includes the idea of evolution and gradual transformation. It requires a constant reminder and repeated effort. For these intentions to take shape, you have to perform a mix of clever effort, of letting go all while maintaining an attitude of trust towards the result. You can do it! Trust yourself!

To symbolize this letting go, you can, if you wish, burn the piece of paper on which are written your intentions. Research also suggests that the power of intention is multiplied by the number of people simultaneously thinking the same thing …..

Thus, if you wish, you can ask one or more people to support you in your intentions. Imagine what you could achieve together!

Here are twelve intentions for a better life:

♥ Instead of complaining, I will take action and change the situation.

♥ Instead of criticizing my family, I will focus on their qualities.

♥ Instead of comparing myself to others, I will celebrate my difference, my uniqueness, my strengths and my abilities.

♥ Instead of judging, I will soften my gaze towards myself and towards others.

♥ Instead of buying things unnecessarily, I’ll donate or recycle those I am not using anymore and i will use the ones I already have.

♥ Instead of spending my energy to exhaustion, I will reserve some time every day to breathe, to move, to meditate.

♥ Instead of maintaining resentment or guilt, I’ll take full responsibility for my happiness.

♥ Instead of worrying about tomorrow, I will be fully here and now, in the present.

♥ Instead of waiting for a special occasion to say “I love you” and “thank you,” I will say these words everyday of my life.

♥ Instead of focusing on what I am missing, I’ll focus on what I have achieved so far.

♥ Instead of repeating my old history and my passed problems , I’ll make today, a new day.

♥ Instead of always waiting for the right time, I will decide that this moment is the one I’ve been waiting forever.

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