Spirituality Coaching: 5 signs of a spiritual awakening

from On August 30, 2015
spirituality coaching 5 signs of a spiritual awakening

Spirituality Coaching: 5 signs of a spiritual awakening

Spirituality Coaching; “What is a spiritual awakening” My basic definition of spiritual awakening is when you realize what is TRUE. You will realize it in several levels; heart, body, mind, and subtle energy levels. The soul takes place, and you are irrevocably changed, even if you try to go back to your old ways of being. In general, I think that every day we all have spiritual awakenings. These openings are those small moments of peace and clarity that we all have. They are little moments that come when we let go. In letting go, we surrender to what IS instead of always trying to manipulate, control, or direct what is before us in a vain attempt to get what we think we want. Regardless, the waking state of consciousness is still here in the present. Keep in mind that most of us are constantly trying to run to the ego, which is why there is often pain and discomfort in the initial awakening of most people. Also, detoxification and healing can be a messy process. So while the signs of spiritual awakening down here seem simple (and they are), we pass through intense and difficult journeys to make our life less complicated and to get back on the right path. In this spirituality coaching, we help you identify the 5 signs of a spiritual awakening:

1. Everything I feel and want to feel is love.

It’s beautiful. You feel like love. You feel love for everyone. You want to give love to everyone, and you feel you can receive love from everyone. This is not sexual or romantic, although this is certainly not excluded. You really feel the love on many levels. Some people tell me it’s as if love had broken through their chests, others say it’s as if there was all this energy that goes up and down through their bodies. It’s an intense thing to unlock the highway of love within us, and this love is truly unconditional. When you are in the fullness of a moment of awakening, you love everybody, even if some people are nasty to you and others, you love them unconditionally.

2. A deep sense of calm, peace and serenity

Another sign of a spiritual awakening can be a deep sense of calm and peace. Often we leave and come back to this quiet state for a while plunging into our old ego, but when we continue to choose the truth of our love, peace grows. At this point, all the fears, anger, shame, guilt, and so on that constantly disturbed us, begin to disappear. And every time that something stirs again within us, it becomes even easier to see what it is and that inner peace grows and grows. With this inner peace comes greater clarity(mentionned below). In this combination of love, peace, and clarity, you begin to realize some of the depth of your mistakes as well as to the expansiveness of your talents. This naturally encourage changes that may appear to come by themselves. That’s why you see a long list of spiritual awakening symptoms such as your dietary changes or your sensitivity. These are signs of high spiritual awakenings. Without primary they are not necessarily linked to a spiritual awakening.

3. A deep sense of clarity

Coming up with all this love is typically a deep sense of clarity. Life can be flooded with love, but you can also collect more clearly what is good and what is bad. This level of clarity can significantly increase the level of sensitivity for many people. Some of you may suddenly feel how refined sugar makes you feel bad and is not good for you, for example. You begin to realize how consuming it is not in the integrity of loving your body. Clarity also tends to grow when you engage deeply with it. Often you will feel the need to take action to let go of what is bad for you like old habits, addictions and relationships that do not serve you, while intensifying new contacts and new connections who honor the path you have chosen. Merely to deny this clarity will bring you much confusion and upseting feelings.

4. Loss of the need or the desire to have external elements in order to feel happiness.

When most of the world lives through the concept of having external things makes us feel good, it can be quite shocking that suddenly you no longer need anything. Some people go through intense phases of wanting to give a lot because suddenly you realize how many external things invade your life. This may sound strange to some, but while being calm in this space, you just feel good not to need these external unusable elements. To find all this love inside of you and to find out how you are connected to the love of the universe naturally dissolves the illusion that we need relationships, work, and holidays to feel happy. Love is already there, and love does everything so much brighter.

5. Awareness

Finally, the most important aspect of how I define spiritual awakening is that it lives inside of you. This awakening is part of you 24/7. You can not move away from it because it’s you. Even if you try to deny it, you still feel that living sensibility that moves through you. Some have deep spiritual openings that can last hours or days, but then the window closes and you are back where you were before. Now, remember, we can do much to avoid kissing a single awakening even if it’s in motion and lives in us. The clinging to illusions and lies when the truth of our love is erupting brings all kinds of suffering. So I really do not recommend it. And why do you think that these lies will satisfy you after tasting the truth?

Indulge yourself in the flow of love that is triggered. Get involved with every obstacle that stops this flow, and trust that the blockages will dissolve. This awareness is here to stay, and with great love, it begins to grow and grow so that your life is again in the image of love.

Remember that the ego is not going away. It will continue to come back too. There are many reason why it comes back, and it’s rare for someone who is completely awakened that the ego dissolves forever. I encourage you to stay committed when you start to fall back into the identity and preferences of how you think life should be.
Above all, remember that you’ll be ok. This is actually a beautiful process, and it will allow you to follow the most accurate way to your soul. You will have good days and bad days, but everything will have a much alive meaning filled with love, clarity and peace. I hope this¬† spirituality coaching helped you. Best Regards


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