Spirituality Coaching: 7 tips to grow your intuition

from On March 1, 2016

Spirituality Coaching: 7 tips to grow your intuition

Intuitive attitude is cultivated over time, it’s a choice and a lifestyle. We would all like to have “good intuitions.” But when you think about it, poor intuition is not intuition. It is a desire, a prejudice, a fanciful imagination mistaken for intuition. Intuition is to provide accurate information about an upcoming situation. What can we do, since the process is unconscious? Give your unconscious more room to express itself. Listening to your intuition is to let go and accept what comes. A serene state of mind, the development of attention in the present moment, listening to your body are all attitudes that will enable you to engage in intuitive way. Here are seven tips to grow your intuition:

1. Believe in your intuition

Because it exists. Everything starts from there. We have become accustomed to repeat that logic is our only guide. We must be convinced of the existence and validity of the intuitive intelligence as mysterious as it seems. The psychologist Richard Wiseman, who worked on luck, identified in lucky people these two characteristics: they believe in their baraka, and they follow their intuition more than unlucky people. Think back about your intuitive moments, cultivate a secret garden of intuition.

2. Practice sensory detox

From one obligation to another, without having real moments of true relaxation, we find ourselves trapped in a spiral of stress: fast meals taken, liters of coffee , not alot of sleep, television as the only source of relaxation, noise in the street, in the office … STOP! Wanting to hear your intuition in these conditions … It’s like trying to listen to the birds singing during a rave party. Take care of yourself: offer yourself true moments of relaxation, take time to enjoy healthy food. Try to find quiet moments to recharge. Silence is sensation, perception, exchange, interior universe, communication channel.

3. Listen to your body

“Often, when we are in the presence of third parties or in certain situations, we have bodily feelings that we don’t consider,” said Maud Kristen, renowned psychic. This can result in unexpected feelings of discomfort. The body is the interface, the information receiver at the same time it expresses what your intellect can not discern. The Anglo-Saxons talk about gut feeling to name intuition. The son of billionaire George Soros says that his father is perfectly capable of explaining his actions by moult theories. “When I was young, I listened to him speak, and I thought that all this was bullshit. In reality you know, he changes his position on the market or takes a decision of this kind when his back began to ache. He literally has a spasm of pain he takes as a warning.

4. Grow trance

Trance doesn’t only refer to exaltation, lost of self-control or delirium. In its mild form, it favors in the brain the phenomenon of synesthesia, that is to say, the cooperation of all centers of the brain, which is the source of intuition and creativity. Meditation practiced regularly is a motionless way. Movement is another way: yoga, tai chi, qi gong … These gymnastics were invented to exploit the potential of trance. In general, to put your body in motion is a prerequisite, as it promotes the perception, and it is in perception that the intuition is born. A good start could be to favor as much as possible walking instead of using public transportation.

5. Constantly Practice your intuition

Listen to your intuition, it means being reactive, dare to step out of line. Life will offer you hundreds of opportunities to practice. Kind words can hide devious intentions, wich is reported to you by discomfort. Understand the meaning of intuition and react according to it. Intuition can push you to think outside the box. Sometimes you will be alone, and will make decisions that few people understand. Whatever! Life has more imagination than statistics. “As soon as you get rid of the idea that you need to please others before pleasing yourself, then you start to trust your instinct. And it’s only then that you are satisfied. You then become more and more satisfied and people will tend to be satisfied with what you do. “

6. Be honest with yourself

You are the ultimate judge of your experiences. You can have intuitions that make you nervous but that is just 90%, while the vast majority of your flashes of unshakeable certainty lead to fiascos. Learn to identify your moments of intuition. Be lucid, avoid reasonings like: “It’s true that I had this intuition and that I was wrong but in the end what happened afterwards was beneficial, so my intuition was good. “If you keep a journal of your intuitions, focus on the facts: what was the situation? What did you feel physically? What decision did you take? What happened next ? Strive to always tell the difference between fact and interpretation, based on emotions and desires that can be misleading. Don’t dismiss the hypothesis of extrasensory perceptions, but don’t see them everywhere either.

7. Have fun

Remember that the human being develops by playing. By becoming adults, we forget that part of ourselves. In his reflection on intuitive intelligence, Francis Cholle highlights the role of play in creativity. “The real progress-he explains, must necessarily break the logical order that we know. “In this breach rushes the idea that moves us forward. The game is a dynamic experience that absorbs us and has no other purpose than to give us pleasure. Everything is possible: read, sculpt, paint, do theater … It’s in this state of mind that we recommend you experiment your extrasensory perception. Imagine that from your childhood, you have lived with a leg tied in the back, had to hop on one foot. What could be more enjoyable if we suddenly gave you the usage of this tied leg. Intuition is born and thrives in the experience of freedom. “People only see what they are prepared to see,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. Be ready for anything.

We hope this Spirituality coaching article was helpful. Let us know if you have any questions. Best Regards.


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