Spirituality Coaching: How to awaken your third eye.

from On August 18, 2015
spirituality coaching how to awaken your third eye

Spirituality Coaching: How to awaken your third eye.

In Spirituality Coaching, the third eye symbolizes an enlightened state of consciousness by which the world can be perceived in an almost supernatural way. However, using our third eye does not mean that we become mystical or develop supernatural powers. This means having great control over your mind and emotions and a deep sense of intuition about the world around you. Unfortunately we do not acquire this ability overnight, we must devote our entire life to the spiritual practice, which involves working daily to develop this spiritual awareness. Read this spirituality coaching article about the third eye to learn more.

Learn to meditate

Find the perfect place. Choose a relatively quiet place where you will be alone for at least thirty minutes. It is not mandatory to be in total silence, but it’s better to be in a place where you will not be distracted constantly. Put yourself in a meditation position. Sit on the floor with legs crossed, back straight and hands on knees. If you do not feel comfortable sitting on the floor, you can sit on a chair, always with the back straight. Support your upper body with your abs to stay upright. Chest out and keep your shoulders low.

Relax your body. The human body always retains tensions due to everyday life, which can make it very difficult to concentrate. Perhaps we do not even realize how our muscles are tense until we consciously put an effort to relax. Drop your shoulders, release the muscles in your neck and turn your head from side to side to help you relax.

Relax your mind. Perhaps this is the most important part to open your third eye and also the most difficult because you have to empty your mind of all thoughts. To do this, focus all your attention to an aspect of the physical world, whether your breath, the sound of cars passing outside or soil sensation on which you sit. It is impossible to get rid of all thoughts. If you start to think of something, acknowledge it’s only a thought and let it disappear from your inner eye. It takes considerable time and training to be able not to think about anything. Sometimes people experience difficulties during the first 10-15 minutes of meditation, since the mind is still upset by the chaos of everyday life. Give yourself a little time to go from the outside world to a state of meditation.

Make it a habit to meditate every day. See meditation like brushing your teeth: the more you do the better the result. Even if you meditate only 3-5 minutes a day you will practice slowly to reach a spiritual state. It could be interesting to put a timer while you meditate not to have to wonder all the time how long you’ve been sitting there.

Develop your intuition

Observe the world around you. Many people also think that they have a better understanding, more intuitive things then most people and they are probably right. This is probably because these people spend a lot of time observing others and by doing so they develop a greater understanding of all the non-verbal communication such as body language and facial expressions. They can also better perceive the lies, sarcasm, sexual attraction or other hidden messages. Try to go alone in a public place like a park, a restaurant or a coffee and watch people. Without being rude or arrogant, just listen to the conversations. Try to imagine how these people know eachother, the context of their discussion and other information about them.  The next time you’re at a table with friends or family, stay silent for a moment and listen to the discussion. Look at the people who do not speak and see their behavior with the conversation that is ongoing. Try to imagine what people think when they do not speak. Again, the more you will practice, the more you get there.

Pay attention to your dreams.

Many people with psychic powers believe that some dreams are premonitory. Before you start analyzing your dreams, you must write them down in a notebook. The best way to do that is to start keeping a diary of dreams  on your nightstand to write down your dreams right when you wake up. Remember your dreams and try to make connections, if any, between your dreams and your daily life. Ask yourself if part of what your dreaming about came true in real life.

Pay attention to your instincts.

Did you ever have a strange feeling about a person, place, event, that you could not explain? Did you ever have a the strange feeling that something will happen, without actually being able to explain why? This kind of feeling is called instinct, and we all have it. Unfortunately many people tend to put it aside and prefer to rationalize their lives. The next time you have that kind of feeling, write it down somewhere and see if it ends up happening. Try to notice how these instinctive feelings are related to your life. Remember that having an instinctive feeling does not necessarily mean that it is true. On the other hand, if it’s true, it’s possible that is does not happen for days, months or even years. The best way to check is to write down when we have that feeling and reread from time to time.

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